KSE CorporationKSE Corporation provides instrumentation products and field calibration services
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At KSE Corporation, we have one focus - to provide our customers with dependable, high quality, instrumentation solutions. A full service firm, we offer hardware, technical support, field calibration services, turnkey construction capability and personal contact with knowledgeable professionals who care about the success of your application.

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Our products include instruments to measure and record level, temperature, relative humidity, current, voltage, flow, IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) as well as many other parameters, using the most advanced technologies available. We offer our clients solutions to help them manage their business.

KSE Corporation has a simple yet effective philosophy that drives everything we do. We understand that our customers are intelligent people who recognize and appreciate superior value. They need answers, not excuses and they require competent and reliable vendors so that they may focus on their business. Our job is to help them, and their complete satisfaction with each and every order is not left to happenstance. It is, quite simply, our very reason for being.

KSE Corporation is a member of the Instrument Society of America, the Dairy Technology Society and the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce, the National Federation of In dependant Business Owners (NFIB) and the Better Business Bureau.


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