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683 Weatherproof Conservation LoggerES1234

McDaniel Color Coded Gauges

Flex Core CTPurehold Handle
Data Loggers - ACR Systems:
Over 100 models of portable, networkable data loggers

ACR Systems Data Loggers measure and record virtually any variable and download the data to your computer.
Calibrators - E Instruments Group:
E Instruments Group, LLC is a manufacturer of innovative instrumentation solutions for the power, process, industrial, institutional, food and HVAC markets.
King-Gage Tank Level Measurement Systems:
Inventory Quality Gauging
The King-Gage LevelPRO II tank level gauging provides extremely accurate liquid inventory information and can interface with many intelligent devices and BUS structures to let you decimate this data to those who need it.
Pressure & Vacuum Gauges by McDaniel Controls:
The highest quality Pressure Gauges Available

The highest quality pressure and vacuum gauges available. McDaniel Controls pioneered the use of all stainless construction, jeweled movements, safety glass lenses and glycerin filling, totally revolutionizing the industry. Many models have LIFETIME warranties and all McDaniel products provide unsurpassed value. We have the ranges, sizes and mounting styles to meet your needs!
Trend Thermometers
High Quality BiMetallic and remote Reading Thermometers at Competitive Prices