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KSE Customers Gain Control over Valuable Liquid Inventories!

ES2i Slimline 4-20 mA Sanitary Transmitter

KSE has been featured in not one but two articles in editions of King Engineering Corporation's "Field Sales Digest!" These articles detail two successful start ups for clients who rely upon King-Gage and KSE for accountability of their valuable liquid inventories.

Both installations feature the new King-Gage LP3 platform, which provides single point display, retransmission, and integration of all your tank level inventory data with virtually any intelligent device. Protocols for PC or PLC interfaces that suit your process, like Ethernet, AB, TC/IP, MODBUS, are included, as is a full VGA quality color LCD touch screen interface with customer defined pages and graphics. You also get web access of your liquid level data from anywhere in the world, and room for expansion via an expandable communications BUS. These are just a few of the features of the unique and flexible LP3 system. Click HERE for the full story!

Save on Utility Costs - What Gets Measured Gets Managed! SmartReader

Find out why so many of our customers are cutting their energy costs by 5, 7, or even 10% by simply doing some good old fashioned conservation. But to conserve you first have to know what energy is being used to do actual work, and what energy is being wasted. In today's climate, no Company can afford to waste energy, either from an economic standpoint, or from an ecological perspective.

Click HERE for more information on the ACR SRP-3 System.

Our ACR SRP-3 system can identify energy wasters and help eliminate or improve them. The system allows you to easily and inexpensively record AMPS, Voltage, KWh, and other electrical usage, and to see when changes are actually bearing fruit. Find out what works, and what does not. Measure your entire facility, or just one piece of equipment. The results are instantly graphed out on your PC, and you can move the system to wherever it is needed, using it on a continuing basis to consistently reduce/improve energy usage. Many of our customer report that the system has paid for itself with the very first usage!


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